Gas Powered Hot Water Heaters for Pressure Washers by Alkota have many different uses and applications. The most common use is an add on that allows you to turn any cold water pressure washer into a hot water cleaning machine. Alkota hot box models range from 200,000 BTU to 1,000,000 BTU and can run on 115v, 12v or 24V. The fuel source can be diesel, kerosene, natural or propane gas. Now you see we can build a heater of any size, using your preferred fuel source, let's look at other water heater uses. Alkota water heaters are used in ground thawing systems. This application heats glycol and a recirculates it through a looped heating system. Hydro excavators use Alkota water heaters to heat their water tank allowing them to cut through frozen ground and clay. Another use includes dive suits, concrete mixing plants, mobile decontamination systems.Gas powered water heaters have many different applications we would love to talk about new ideas or put an Alkota water heater to work for you. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you.

Gas Powered Hot Water Heaters for Pressure Washers